SFA 4-24 Upcoming Events



August Chapter Meeting

August 19 at VFW 101, Colorado Springs

We'll talk about our awesome summer picnic, and turn our focus forward to the fall and Christmas party.


A SFA 4-24 Flashback!

In 1997 Chapter 24 hosted the National Convention in Colorado Springs celebrating the 45th anniversary of Special Forces.

The Convention was held 25-28 June 1997 at the Red Lion (now Double Tree) Hotel.

The Convention Picnic was sponsored by the 10th Special Forces Group at Butts Army Air Field, Ft. Carson, CO.

After the convention (Sep 97) Chapters XXIV and Chapter IV merged to become the Chapter 4-24 that we know today.


September Chapter Meeting

16 September meeting will be held at the 10th SFG(A) Regimental Mess,

don't miss the opportunity to visit the mess, see the history on it's walls and see the expanded compound.

Ensure to allow enough time for visitors to enter Fort Carson's gates.