The website has gone through an overhaul, and is now in pretty good shape.

The old version was 1.5, and it has now been upgraded to 3.3.

Not only will you notice a different front end, but the administrators who work with it on the back side will see a friendlier setup too!


26 July 14

I have added the pictures back in, and have uploaded most of the documentation.

The calendar should now have US holidays, and a schedule for the monthly meetings, excluding locations.

I have not added the guest book yet, still on the things to do list. There were 52 legitimate entries out of 400 thousand, spammers need to get a life doing something more constructive.

If you want to contribute content, contact me and I will let you know the best way to upload them.

Once the site is settled, I will make it possible for users to upload content to the site.

Have a great weekend!