How to join the association

Download the proper form then mail all correspondence to:


SFA Chapter 4-24

PO Box 17508

Colorado Springs, CO 80938-7508



Decade and General Members:

Supporting documents must accompany all applications submitted. Examples of documents are DD-214, Graduation Certificate from SFQC/SFOC, orders assigning a SF MOS, and/or assignment orders to a Special Forces Unit.


Associate Members:

For Associate Members: Applicants for Associate Membership must have served for at least two years with an SF unit, served in a combat zone with SF for at least six months, or have contributed in a unique and definable way if the time periods are not met. Supporting documents must accompany all applications submitted demonstrating the assignment of the applicant and his significant contribution to the SF mission. Examples of assignment proof include the Form 20, ERB, ORB, or assignment orders to a Special Forces Unit or operation in direct support of Special Forces Operations. Additionally, the applicant must submit two letters of recommendation from SF/SFA members who have first hand knowledge of the applicant’s significant contribution.


Applications received without documentation will be returned as incomplete.



Annual Dues $40.00

Re-reinstatement (after Jan 31 $45.00 )

Life Membership (current) $440.00

Life Membership (Not current) $475.00

Life Membership - over 65 (current) $320.00

Life Membership - over 65 (not current) $345.00

New Member $50.00

New Life Member $480.00

New Life Member over 65- $360.00

Widow of Member $40.00


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SFA Chapter 4-24 Membership application

SFA Chapter 4-24 Membership Renewal Form

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