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The Special Forces Association “Award of Excellence” is presented to ROTC and JROTC Cadets who exemplified themselves during the past school year and is recommend by their leadership for this award.  Awards are presented at the end of the school year during the months of April and May.


Chapter 4-24 members participate in supporting ROTC/JROTC programs by conducting outreach to over 40 Universities, Colleges and High Schools throughout Colorado.   We provide outreach in three ways.


1) By proving support to JROTC Raider Challenges


2) Presenting the SFA ROTC/JROTC Award for Excellence to deserving Cadets


3) Providing Cadets and parents information about Special Forces and the benefits of joining the service


For additional information on having the Special Forces Association support  your ROTC/JROTC program contact us at :









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