Chapter 4-24 ROTC/JROTC Outreach






1. Chapter ROTC/JROTC Outreach Mission: SFA Rocky Mountain Chapter 4-24 conducts

outreach with as many Colorado ROTC/JROTC programs as feasibly possible, year round, to

assist in making the best military officers in the world and motivate young people to be better



2. Expanded Purpose:


   a. To recognize “Excellence” within the ROTC/JROTC programs.


   b. To educate ROTC/JROTC Instructors, Cadets, family and friends regarding Special

   Forces and Chapter 4-24 History.


   c. To educate ROTC/JROTC Cadets and others on officer and enlisted career paths

   towards a Special Forces career.


   d. To perpetuate the Special Forces traditions to ROTC/JROTC Instructors, Cadets,

   families and friends.



ROTC/JROTC Awards program





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