Support to the Regiment


Throughout the year, Chapter 4-24 supports the Soldiers and families of the Regiment in various ways through monetary and tangible donations.


These activities include, but not limited to:


• Provide assistance to Family Readiness Group activities and events that benefit Special Forces family members. Some of these events include Trunk or Treat, Back to School Gift Cards, and Christmas Party.


• Provide support to the commands to recognize the accomplishments and actions of individuals and teams within the Group.


• Support command initiatives to assist Special Forces Soldiers who have been wounded or have separated from services.


• Recognizing and awarding the accomplishments of soldiers whom excel while attending schools at the Group level.


• Host activities and events that benefit SF Soldiers and their families throughout the SF Community.


• Provide assistance to Special Forces unit’s organizational days and Group Balls.


• Provide assistance during emergencies, memorials, and tributes to Special Forces members and families.

The Special Force Association and Special Forces Charitable Trust enables this support to continue.


To contribute directly to the SFA Patriot Fund, please visit


To donate to the SFCT, please visit









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