Remember, due to the President's Day holiday, the Feb 15 meeting is 21 Feb at the American Legion Post #1, in Denver.  See you there

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The Chapter IV/XXIV "CSM Frank A. Socha" Educational Assistance Grant is a SFA Education Assistance Program. The selections are made by the committee with the approval of the Chapter Members, announced at the annual SFA Picnic held each year in July, and posted in the Fall Drop.



Applicants must be a Chapter IV/XXIV member in good standing or the dependent spouse, child or grandchild of a member in good standing, also any member (child or grandchild) of the family of a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of death, AND have been accepted by, or already attending, an accredited College, University or Vocational School.



Eligible applicants will submit the attached application electronically, with supporting documents, no later than May 1, 2015 to the Committee at email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Upon electronic receipt, you will receive a reply letting you know the application was received.


We are experiencing issues uploading the application to the website, please contact SFA Officers via email for a pdf copy of the application.

75th Anniversary of US Army Airborne - note the attached letter from Carl Bludau, Ex Chairman of the event to be held beginning 12 August, 2015, in Orlando, FL.  If any of our Florida Chapters can assist please contact Carl (email deleted). Please contact SFA 4-24 Officers for email address.
Chapters - if you haven't already please begin preparing your year end reports.  They are due next month and are required by the IRS.
Dues - The grace period for 2015 dues ends 31 January.  Anyone who has not paid will be taken off the mailing list for The Drop. I get calls every year from basically the same people complaining they did not receive their dues notice.   We do not send out dues notices.  When you received your annual card the pay dates are listed. That is your dues notice.  Life members do not pay dues.  The Drop costs are increasing and any donations from Life members to support the continued quality of The Drops would be appreciated.
I hope everyone's year is off to a good start.

All:  Please pass on to those qualified and interested. This is not the same as the SFA Chapter 4/24 Scholarship.


The 2015 SFSF scholarship application is now live - we have migrated to an electronic submission this year which makes the process even easier for the sons and daughters of our Green Berets.  The application can be found at: <>  and appreciate your support in dissemintating this to the 10th SFG network.

As in previous years, Scholarships are awarded annually and limited to undergraduate and graduate studies that result in a degree or vocational certification from an accredited Graduate School, University, College or Vocational/Technical Institution. Additionally, recipients of Special Forces Scholarship Fund (SFSF) awards will receive no more than four (4) annual scholarships for undergraduate studies and two (2) scholarships for graduate studies. 100% of every dollar donated to the SFSF is awarded to our scholarship recipients. Our volunteer directors and officers accept full responsibility for all expenses of the fund. It is our privilege.


ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Daughter or son of a current or veteran United States Army Special Forces Soldier.

• Undergraduate student must not have reached 26 years of age by 15 October 2015.

• Graduate student must not have reached 28 years of age by 15 October 2015.

• Full time student pursuing degree/certification completion at an accredited post secondary institution.

• A high school senior, high school graduate, or registered as a full time undergraduate student at an accredited college or post secondary vocational/technical institute.

• For graduate school scholarships, currently enrolled as a college senior or obtained a bachelors degree from an accredited college/university, applied and/or accepted in an accredited graduate school program.